Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
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Taylor's Preserved Bridal Bouquet + add on frames

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Every now and then you have a client that is just extra badass and cool.  And she was one of them.  I first got to meet Taylor's husband Carl when I was picking up the flowers shortly after their wedding day; he had just gotten back from serving the country overseas, and then got to marry to girl of his dreams.  He was so nice and down to earth, and given the circumstances of safely finishing his deployment, I knew I needed to give this wedding project extra amounts of TLC.

Taylor wanted more than just her bridal bouquet preserved.  She wanted to gift her friends and family with custom pieces too! She had me take some flowers from her bridal bouquet to create 2 additional frames to give to her best friends.  She also wanted her flower crown preserved so she could gift that to her mom.  Finally, I preserved Carl's boutonniere so he could give that to his dad as a keepsake. Boy oh boy was I happy to do these extra frames for them - I thought it was such a lovely and thoughtful idea to commemorate their special day.




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