Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
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Morgan's Preserved Bridal Bouquet

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I love when brides have slightly different flowers than the grooms!   Morgan went the traditional route with gorgeous white hydrangeas, eucalyptus, and baby's breath, and had Jared wear a classic white rose for his boutonniere.   She wanted both of their wedding flowers preserved together in a shadow box, and I had so much working on this for them!

Her wedding was another big "ah-ha" moment for me, in terms of driving my flower business towards weddings. I've actually known Morgan since the 8th grade, and she's been my best friend throughout all these years.  When she asked me to not only preserve her bouquet, but also help her with decor for the wedding, I was ecstatic! I hadn't dabbled in wedding decor or table pieces really, so I was very eager to help her out and create a romantic vibe for her wedding. I also knew this was a moment to step my game up and make things happen. I'll share the pictures of her wedding decor separately. Back to the flowers... 

Hydrangeas can be very finicky to preserve, I'll be honest. There are a lot of tricks to keep them full and beautiful, and luckily I've learned them over the years. Sometimes they dry perfectly and are still super full, and sometimes they shrivel up completely.  Luckily, I was able to capture most of their volume, and I love how they dried into an eggshell color which contrasts against Jared's white rose.  White flowers normally fade to a pale golden color when they're dry, and it's always fun to see how different flowers preserve!



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