Michelle's Preserved Bridal Bouquet

Bear Flowers Preserved Bouquet Preservation Bridal Bouquet Preserved Bouquet Preserved Flowers Wedding

Michelle's bouquet was a gigantic beauty! I literally gasped when I saw how big it was, and saw all the flowers and eucalyptus cascading off of it.  I honestly think it weighed close to 10lbs, and it was worth every petal. 

I knew I needed to do something different with her bouquet though.  Normally, I lay out the flowers to resemble a bouquet, but I decided to switch it up and use the buds only.  And yes, there were enough flower buds to fill an entire 11x14 shadow box that's about 2.5 inches deep.  It was magical.  I used her silk ribbon to line the majority of the inside of the shadow box too. 

My process to preserve the bouquet was still the same though, and every single flower and stem was preserved.  I love how it turned out, and it was so much fun trying something outside of my norm.  Thank you Michelle for trusting this new idea!



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