Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
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Catelyn's Preserved Bridal Bouquet

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Another classic and traditional bridal bouquet! Catelyn's bouquet had white ranunculus, white roses, white anemones, and was filled out with eucalyptus and other greenery. It was a smaller bouquet, but that didn't stop it from being packed with all the gorgeousness. 

She also wanted her husband's boutonniere framed inside the shadow box next to her bouquet; I think it's such a cute idea to frame the florals together.  Her shadow box had glass sides, enabling the bouquet to be visible from all sides no matter what, and I kind of fell in love with that shadow box style.  

I'm giving her a special shoutout too, because she's a nurse and is currently on the front lines during this COVID-19 outbreak traveling to different hospitals. I'm so incredibly happy to have her as a friend, as she's been a huge support system to me lately.  

I unfortunately forgot to take the "before" picture, but check out the step by step process of reassembling her bouquet! And in case you haven't noticed by now, one of my signature marks is leaving a couple petals floating freely at the bottom of the frames.


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