Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
Books are officially closed for September! Thank you so much!
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Linville, NC / 6 styled concepts

Bear Flowers Preserved Dried Bridal Bouquet Styled Shoot Wedding Inspiration Wedding Theme

I took a giant leap from a small local styled shoot, to doing a destination styled shoot with 6 different concepts and dozens of photographers in a matter of months.  Plus I even modeled for one of the concepts! 

As cliche as it is, this whole experience changed my life.  I got to take a solo roadtrip to Linville, NC to stay at an AirBnB with 6 other amazing creatives who I didn't know.  We started off as strangers, and now we're all friends who I plan to keep in contact with for the long run. I got to make 6 different bouquets and boutonnieres. I got to model for the first time.  I got to see what I was made out of. 

Thank you Oak & Pine Photography for taking a chance of me, and allowing me to showcase my work for your themed shoot. It was this chance (mixed with a couple other opportunities that popped up at the same time) that made my decision to quit my full time that much easier. I wanted my flowers to be full time, and having this support and chance was the excuse I needed to pull the trigger.

We all went to Wiseman's View for the shoot, and it was a monotone wonderland up there.  Winter was ending, but you could see the Spring colors trying to make their debut; the clouds were perfectly overcast and there was just enough wind to catch all the models' hair and dresses with some movement. I got to model with a super awesome chick, Devin, and it was so much fun pretending for the day she was my wife. It was pure perfection. 

The 6 themes were:

  1. Earthy Boho
  2. Leather Crew
  3. Western Folk
  4. Traditional Old School / Gatsby 
  5. Portrait
  6. Elopement (which ended up being canceled last second due to inclement weather, but I used it in a few shoots with Devin. It was the bouquet with roots)

A HUGE shout out to Oak & Pine for hosting me, and to the below vendors and models who all made this such a great success: 

Florals: Bear Flowers Preserved
IG @bearflowerspreserved
Stationery: Kathy Magee Designs
IG @kathymageedesigns
HMU Team: Della Terra Beauty 
IG @dellaterrabeauty

COUPLE 1 (Earthy Boho):
Model 1: Devin Rogers
IG: devinkenziee
Model 2: Hayley Charbonneau
IG: bearflowerspreserved
Dress: Lulus

COUPLE 2 (Leather Crew):
Models: Brooke & Ausin Gauldin
IG @brookegauldin
IG @austingauldin
Dress: Mr. Pretty Skirt
Leather Jacket: Coffee & Calligraphy 
IG @coffee_calligraphy

COUPLE 3 (Western folk)
Model 1: Mikayla Schmitt
IG: mikaylaschmitt
Model 2: Isaac Graves 
IG: icraft1313
Dress: Flutter Dress

COUPLE 4 (Old School / Gatsby):
Model: Tia Griffin 
IG: twisted.tia.1
Husband: No social media

COUPLE 5 (Portrait Bride)
Bride: Erica Olsson  
IG: Ericarenay
Dress: Flutter Dress
Here are links to the respective photographer's websites and galleries.  I will continue to add more as they become available.

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