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New website under construction! Contact me via Forms for more information.
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My Inspiration

Bear Flowers Preserved Inspiration Nature

I'm not your average floral designer.  While I do appreciate and admire the fresh flowers and bouquets in all their beauty, my style and process is a bit different. 

Drying flowers is where the magic happens for me. They're funky, unique, weird, and super resilient despite what most people think.  When the flowers dry, so many more details become noticeable. The colors get darker and can sometimes change completely.  I've seen blue flowers dry to gorgeous purple shades, and red roses can get so dark they almost look black.  Sometimes the petals and leaves will curl and spiral when they dry, and you're able to see the flower in different perspectives than imagined. 

I also prefer to handpick most of the flowers I use. There is just something a bit more organic and raw when I get to pick flowers in nature.  I have many friends and family who allow me to forage their gardens and yards when I want, and my own personal backyard is an overgrown wonderland of flora to pick and choose from. When I see the flowers, I see shapes and composition; I get inspired by the colors, the smells, the blooming in spring followed by the death in winter...just everything. 

Some of my work includes insects and snakeskin, or wasp nests and dried fungi. I make most of my frames with just flowers, but I love to also incorporate these different pieces of nature when possible. Everything is completely dead when I find it though, and I safely preserve it to maintain its integrity for years to come. I know it's odd to most people to use these things, but to me they're truly beautiful. Where some might see death, I see beauty and new life. 


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